Multi-brand and pre-owned automotive dealership Motorway Group’s flagship 8 storey facility situated at 1094 Lower Delta Road has been undergoing extensive renovation works since the final quarter of 2022, with a confirmed completion date in sight at the end of April 2024.

The flagship facility will serve as a one-stop solutions hub, with prestige and high performance gallery showroom, SsangYong showroom, Koenigsegg customer lounge and configuration centre, secure vehicle storage solutions, car servicing and offices.

The property was added to Motorway’s extensive portfolio in 2002 and is the second major revamp for this facility, with extensive renovations works carried out for the facade and the interior. The facility serves as the showroom and lounge area for Motorway’s extensive inventory of high performance, luxury and exotic vehicles along with Brands such as SsangYong and Koenigsegg which Motorway represents as the official distributor/dealer.

The renovated headquarters represents a paradigm shift in showroom design, embracing modernity while honouring the company’s rich heritage. The architectural marvel boasts sleek lines, contemporary finishes, and state-of-the-art amenities, creating an inspiring environment conducive to presenting vehicles to discerning customers in the finest possible way.

At the heart of the Motorway vision lies a commitment to sustainability. The headquarters now features energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and natural biodegradable materials. These initiatives align with the company’s environmental stewardship goals, reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

As the renovation works is quickly nearing completion, the facility is a representation of Motorway’s core values; forward-looking, ever sincere, constantly evolving to meet customer’s ever changing aspirations while remaining true to Motorway’s founding goal of providing solutions to every segment of Singapore’s automotive industry. Motorway remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, innovation, and sustainability, leveraging its revitalised headquarters as a springboard for future growth, expansion, and success.

The completion of the headquarters renovation marks a significant milestone in the Motorway Group of Companies’ journey, representing a bold step forward in its evolution as an industry leader. With its renewed commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration, the company is poised to chart new territories, inspire change, and leave a lasting impact on the industry and the communities it serves.